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Drywall repairs

Drywall repairs
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Drywall repairs is something we can do for you. Drywall is an inexpensive, easy-to-install surface. It is easy to hang, drill into, finish, and paint. It is also easy to damage. If it gets damaged, call us for a free estimate.

How to Repair Drywall 

Drywall repairs is not that hard to do. The fact that drywall panels are so easy to join also makes them easy to repair. Simple paper joint tape and a small amount of drywall compound—known in the building trades as mud—is all it takes to repair most small holes in drywall surfaces.

Paper joint tape is not self-adhesive, but it does easily adhere with a light application of joint compound with a drywall knife. Paper tape is preferred over fiberglass mesh joint tape. Even though the mesh tape is stronger, it is thicker and more difficult to finish down smoothly.

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