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Fence painting

Fence painting Paint the house fence
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If you want to freshen up an old and tired-looking fence, and paint or stain it, call for a free estimate for fence painting.

Paint or stain?

What is the difference between painting and staining and which option to choose?


Paint covers the surface of the fence, covering the timber. It will change the look of your fence.

However, the paint will wear out over time, and this can look a bit messy if we don’t do it regularly, at least every 1-3 years.

Paint also restricts the ability of the timber to breathe. This can increase moisture content, which results in potential problems with rotting.

Be sure that before you need to repaint, you must scrape off all the existing paint, prepare the surface, and then repaint it.


Unlike paint, the stain is soaked into the fence for a deeper treatment that lasts longer. Only a good power wash with a cleaner will be sufficient before re-staining.

Stain can be almost transparent, all the way to a solid finish. A semi-transparent stain will offer the protection you need, whilst keeping the beauty of natural timber visible.

Should you paint or stain a fence?

It depends on your preference. For a dramatic change in the look of your fence, then go for fence painting.

If you prefer less maintenance and a more natural-looking fence, stain it.

We are an experienced and reliable contractor, and we are able to understand the specificities of your project and will advise you in terms of how to maximize the return on investment.

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