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House painting

House painting
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House painting can be a challenging endeavor. What goes into those four to five days for painting an average-sized home?  It is a complicated, intense job. Here are some necessary steps:

Prep Work

At least half of the project time goes to preparation. House Painting requires extensive prep work and sometimes even repair work. Depending on your home’s siding material and the length of time it has been since it was last painted, the prep and repair steps could take up to 85% of your project time.

Professional painters know to never spare on the necessary prep, even if it lengthens the project. If they don’t complete the prep correctly, it could compromise the entire paint job. In fact, it could literally shorten the life of your new paint job by years, costing you even more, time and money in the long run.

What you must do

  • Power washing to clean
  • Old paint scraped and removed
  • Primer applied to bare wood
  • Wood siding replaced or repaired
  • Joints, gaps, and seams around your entire home caulked
  • Tape and tarp to protect surfaces that should not get paint on them

House Painting Exterior and Interior

Once painting begins, a quality job will usually require at least two full coats of paint with proper dry time. A professional exterior painter will know precisely the correct type of paint to use on your home and its specific material, whether it’s aluminum siding, wood, brick, etc. Lastly, professional exterior painters use only the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Clean Up

A professional exterior painter won’t leave your home a mess at the end of each day of the project. They take the time and effort to clean up after each day. Also, the pros will always end the project by cleaning up the area and removing all tools and debris. One of the best parts about hiring a professional to do the job is that you’ll never have to worry about cleaning up messes.

While your exterior painting project might last for a little under a week, you won’t have to deal with monotonous, time-consuming tasks like cleaning up. The time and money saved in this step alone is the main reason many homeowners hire a professional exterior paint expert.

Use Professional House Painting Services

We are an experienced and reliable contractor, and we are able to understand the specificities of your project and will advise you in terms of how to maximize the return on investment.

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