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Paint the house fence for the new season

Paint the house fence for the new season
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Paint the house fence in preparation for a new season. A good fence will provide security, privacy, and a great deal of house appeal. You can keep it strong and looking good for years with proper maintenance.

Fence painting Paint the house fence

How Often to Paint Your Fence

Moisture is the enemy of your fence. You need the proper staining or painting to prevent moisture from damaging the wood. If there is a lot of rain in your area you may need to do it more frequently, while elsewhere it may require less frequent maintenance. For the exact time to refresh your fence, your need to check for beading. Check painted surfaces for cracks, chips, and wear. On a stained and sealed fence, if water no longer beads up on the surface, but instead soaks in, it may be time for maintenance.

Before You Begin

  • Plan and budget your job and determine your needs for tools and materials.
  • Make necessary repairs and prepare the work area for painting/staining.
  • Check the weather forecast for the optimal time period to complete the project. Do not paint when precipitation is in the immediate forecast or expected within the time necessary for drying.
  • Plan the time needed for job completion including drying times.
  • Chose the right paint.
  • Keep moisture away from the surface by having the wood slightly above the grass level.
  • Use gloves and a face mask when sanding and working with toxic chemicals.

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